The Ultimate Guide for Inversion Table Exercises

Inversion Table ExercisesInversion table exercises are very effective and useful for human body. These exercises are used to cure back pain problems and some other body disorders. A plenty of health institutes have declared that inversion therapy can be very helpful for back pain and other connected issues when there is no any other easy solution. It is advised to treat back pain as soon as possible because it can cause some serious issues including high blood pressure, heart disorders and swollen joints. Today, as a lot of people are having back pain problems, many of them have no knowledge about such pains and try artificial methods to cure their severe pains. But researchers have shown that unreal methods can destroy the body structure and also weaken the bones and joints. Therefore, everyone should avoid artificial and unreal injurious procedures offered by fake physicians. So, no other thing is better than inversion exercises when it comes to back pain problems. There are different levels of exercises and all of them are adopted according to the situation of pain and other related diseases.

An inversion table is a long table which is kept at a particular angle, and it has an anchor place at one end. The person sets the angle of the table according to the requirements at different angles are used for different types of inversion therapies. The basic concept of these well-designed exercises is maintaining the spinal joints to avoid the compression. The user uses gravity and his body weight to pull the spinal joints apart. Thus the joints move apart from each other and there is no compression between them. Any type of back pain could be cured naturally too. There are different types of inversion exercises and all of them have different effects on back pain. Top 5 inversion table exercises are mentioned here with their pros and cons. You can understand every single factor about each and can also choose anyone which is suitable for you. Have a look at them in below.


Top 5 Effective Inversion Table Exercises:

1. Inverted sit-ups

Inverted sit-ups are very helpful in curing the lower back pain. If you are facing your back pain, you can try inverted sit-ups that will work for your entire back pain as well. Inverted sit-ups are more powerful than the regular sit-ups and can be easily done using an inverted table. The method of inverted sit-ups is very simple. All you need is holding our position in full inverted form. After this, you will have to stretch your arms just like you are going to spread them to the legs. After this, try to touch your toes remaining in the same position. Repeat this process according to your body position and your curing level.


Here are some pros of doing inverted sit-ups.

  • Inverted sit-ups will help you to cure your back pain.
  • You can target your lower back to get rid of the pain by the help of inverted sit-ups.
  • Inverted sit-ups are useful for spinal joints.
  • Inverted sit-ups can be very helpful for curing muscle pain.


Inverted sit-ups have some cons as well.

  • Too much-inverted sit-ups can cause for heavy back injury.
  • Inverted sit-ups are not for everyone. So if you try this without a reason, you may face some joint problems.
  • High inverted sit-ups rate can cause intestinal problems.

2. Hanging crunches

Hanging crunches are very helpful for your body especially for your oblique. It targets the body to reduce the muscles pain and other body problems. Hanging crunches are also very useful for abdominals. The best thing about hanging crunches is you only have to do a little amount of it. Simply start with low reps set and you will surely notice the improvements in your targeted body parts. Just lock yourself in the inverted table upside down and try to crunch forward. Now hold your position for just a while and repeat the process.


Here are the pros of hanging crunches.

  • Hanging crunches are fast and very effective.
  • You can target your abs to enhance the muscles and reduce the pain.
  • Hanging crunches can be very helpful to reduce love handles and to improve side abs.


Have a look at the cons of hanging crunches.

  • Hanging crunches can bring some problems to your stomach including pain.
  • Advance hanging crunches are not suitable for everyone. Try not to go fast while doing hanging crunches or you will get some issues.

3. Body stretch

Body stretch is also another great exercise that you can perform on an inversion table. Body is a very useful exercise and targets the entire body. You needn’t specify a body part. Body stretches will help to reduce body pain and minor joint injuries. Besides inversion table, there is no any other body stretch machine. You will have to do it naturally while lying down. On the other hand, if you are using an inversion table, simply lie down on the table upside down and completely stretch your body. Now while lying upside down, try to extend your arms as much as you can. That’s all!


There are a plenty of pros of body stretches. Have a look at some of them.

  • Body stretches help you to stretch your spinal.
  • If you maintain a good position on the inversion table, you will get some extra benefits like back pain relief and knees cure.
  • Body stretches will help you to improve your posture.


There are a few cons of body stretches as this exercise is useful for every person.

  • Too much body stretches can cause high blood pressure in your upper body part.
  • If you are having spinal injuries, try not to perform extreme body stretches as you may get some extreme pain problems.

4. Inverted squats

Unlike traditional squats, you can get some extraordinary benefits with inverted squats. Inverted squats are very simple and you can easily do 5 to 15 reps a time when needed. Most of the people don’t know about inverted squats. We know that traditional squats can be performed while standing straight and perform sit-ups considering knees in the position. In inverted squats, you will have to sit on the inversion table and hang the table upside down. Now stretch your body and try not to exceed the boundaries of your entire body. Now bend your knees and pull yourself up as much as you can. Keep in mind that you have to maintain a straight position.


Here are the pros of inverted squats.

  • Inverted squats can be used to target your legs and thighs.
  • You can do inverted squats to improve your legs abilities.
  • Inverted squats are also found helpful in core strength.


Here are some side effects of inverted squats.

  • Extremely inverted squats can cause pain in your knees.
  • Inverted squats can cause stretch marks.

5. Inverted rotation

Inverted rotation is used to cure muscles pain and spinal problems. It is also used to increase the flexibility in your muscles and thighs. Inverted rotation is a very simple exercise that you can do on the inverted table. However, you will have to take care a bit in this exercise. Inverted rotation is a risky exercise we recommend to only do this exercise if you have proper information in it. The main problem in an inverted rotation is you have to take care of your rotation while hanging on the inverted table. If you don’t take care, you may get some serious injuries.


There are a lot of benefits of doing the inverted rotation.

  • Inverted rotation is very effective in curing intestine and thighs pain.
  • Inverted rotation can increase the flexibility in your muscles.
  • Inverted rotation can improve your body and muscle strength.


As mentioned above, if you don’t do this exercise properly, you will get some serious problems. However, here are some cons of inverted rotation.

  • It causes bone problems in your lower body area.
  • Too much rotation can cause weakness to your diaphragm.
  • Inverted rotation is also harmful to spinal joints.
  • If you are not aware of inverted rotation, don’t try to perform it. It can cause some problems to your body.


Inversion table exercises are very beneficial for maintaining the body. You can surely try all five above mentioned types of inversion exercises to get the benefits. All you need is finding out what you need. In other words, you will have to look for the suitable inversion exercise for you. Every inversion exercise targets a specific body part. For example, you can use inverted crunches to target your thighs and legs and body stretches to improve the flexibility of your muscles. Try not to do too much exercise as it can harm you. Always consult your physician before adopting an inversion exercise. Make a plan and start from a low level. Do not try to over exercise as it may harm your body. Studies have shown that inversion table exercises are much better than traditional exercise. So you only have to do a little amount of it which is suitable for your needs. Also, keep in mind that exercising daily on inversion table is far better than exercising on traditional machines. So consult your health expert, make a plan and start exercising.

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